VMWare Fusion 13 Pro or VMWare Workstation Pro 17.0 Are now FREE thanks to Broadcom

Somethings good things at times, can come from companies purchasing another. After Broadcom has just recently purchased VMWare. They have decided to place the VMware Fusion and VMWare workstation only for FREE.

Due to Oracle Virtual Machine having great success, in handing over their virtual software for free. Broadcom, I believe is looking to follow in the same footsteps. This is excellent for the consumer, creating competitiveness in the virtual community.

To obtain a copy, please follow the following steps to register and download your copy.

  1. If you don’t already have an account with Broadcom, please do so by clicking on the click below. https://profile.broadcom.com/web/registration
  2. Log into your Broadcom account by clicking on this link: https://access.broadcom.com/default/ui/v1/signin/
  3. Under products, select the version of the VMWare product that you would like to get a license.

4. Select the version, of the product in which you would like to download.

5. Select the check box for the terms and conditions. Then click on the cloud to download the software.