Our Services

Experience the ease and comfort of our customizable in-home or on-site services catering to commercial and residential customers. Our proficient technicians are dedicated to promptly solving your computer problems. 

Ensuring your business’s security and your workforce’s continuous productivity are our top priorities. Our Remote Management Service options provide a proactive approach to address any issues with your PCs promptly. In most cases, we can remotely diagnose and resolve PC issues and offer server patch management for seamless updates across your infrastructure.

In addition, our services extend to comprehensive antivirus solutions. In the event of a potentially harmful download within your business, our system generates real-time alerts.

Partner with us to safeguard your business operations, streamline patching processes, and fortify your digital defenses. Because when it comes to your business, security, and continuity matter most.

  • Hard drive replacements
  • Diagnosing computers that will not boot (Windows/Mac)
  • Troubleshooting boot-up issues.
  • New office setups (Setting up computers, printers, and network hardware)
  • Wifi office issues
  • Multiple monitor setups
  • Previous tech loss and/or business takeovers from older IT company
  • Diagnosing computers that won’t boot (Windows PCs)
  • Troubleshooting boot-up issues
  • Home wifi printers
  • Diagnosing Wifi Issues
  • Installing network hardware
  • Hooking up multiple monitors and/or home offices
  • Transferring files from an older PC to a newer PC
  • Resolving blue screen errors
  • Optimizing sluggish computer performance
  • Motherboard replacement and swapping
  • Local disk copies
  • Hard drive replacements
  • Power supply replacements
  • Unifi Networking product support
  • Software issue resolution for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks
  • Conversion of older VHS/DVD devices to digital formats for cloud storage
  • Basic smart home setup and troubleshooting
  • Locked out of PC support – Breaking into user profiles and data that password may have been forgotten. (As long as the drive is not BitLocker protected)

Virus Removal and Operating System/Refresh Repair: $99.99
Say goodbye to viruses and glitches. We’ll expertly remove viruses and refresh your operating system, ensuring optimal performance.
Operating System Check/Overview Tune-Up: $34.99
Keep your system in top shape with our comprehensive OS check and tune-up. Enhance speed and functionality with this budget-friendly service.
Software Setup Troubleshooting: $34.99
Need help with software issues? Let our experts troubleshoot and set up any software hassles you encounter.
Network Troubleshooting / Setup: $89.99
Ensure a seamless online experience. Our professionals will troubleshoot network issues or set up a new network for enhanced connectivity.
Other Device Setup and Support (Printers, Tablets, Phones): $34.99
Need help setting up printers, tablets, or phones? We’ve got you covered. 
Basic Data Backup / Transfer: $99.99
Protect your valuable data with our reliable data backup and transfer service. For only $99.99, ensure your files are safe and accessible when you need them.

New Computer Setup (No Data Transfer): $139.99
Embrace the seamless transition to a new computer. Our experts will set up your new device and peripherals without transferring data from your previous device, ensuring a fresh start. 
(A travel fee of $30.00 will be applied.)
Home Wi-Fi Setup: $139.99
Say goodbye to Wi-Fi woes. Our skilled technicians will set up or troubleshoot your home Wi-Fi network, ensuring a strong and reliable connection for all your devices. 
(A Travel fee of $30.00 will be applied)

Complimentary Services for Your Peace of Mind:
Enjoy complimentary protections and services with our free remote agent installation for residential customers.

Free Software Patching:
Stay up-to-date without the hassle. Enjoy complimentary software patching for a seamless and secure digital experience.
Free Windows / Linux / MacOS Patching:
Keep your operating system in top shape with our complimentary patching services, available across Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
Free Hardware Monitoring:
Rest easy knowing we’ve got an eye on your hardware. Receive alerts in real-time if any hardware issues arise – all at no extra cost.
Free XDR AntiVirus Monitoring:
Security is non-negotiable. Benefit from free XDR AntiVirus monitoring because your safety should always come first.
Free Peace of Mind:
Your peace of mind is priceless. Enjoy the assurance that comes with our complimentary services, ensuring a worry-free technology experience.

While visiting in PB for a short window of time, I thankfully found Randy, the owner of the IT Guys, who went above and beyond in order to get my senior mother's desktop setup repaired and back with connections for good operation. Randy's extremely reasonable price, pleasant manner, professionalism and almost instant repair warrants this high recommendation. Randy is the hero that tweaked existing equipment to meet my mother's needs, allowing her to be productive with surfing the web, shopping, email, etc. Randy, a consummate professional, is prompt, highly communicative, and extremely knowledgeable. Presenting a few different options, he demonstrated his dedication to fixing computer issues in a timely and cost-effective way for his customers. Randy quickly identified some issues; most disturbing was my mother being severely "upsold" a computer setup and gaming monitor at a big box PB retailer. Within 24 hours of Randy's in home service and overnight PC repair/tweaking, my mother now enjoys a logical, correct set up interacting effectively with her PC, devices and software. There is no substitute for IT Guys valuable in home service; taking extra time and effort to both set up and educate my mother about the peripheral equipment connections, most beneficial while on site, at her own familiar computer desk. I can't recommend Randy and the IT Guys enough. Thoroughly impressed by the exemplary customer service experienced, I can't think of a better, quicker, more reasonably price option. I've even spoke to Randy about his availability to assist me with 2 other PC systems upon my return to NY!

K King Avatar K King
September 13, 2023

I have a Mac, probably 10 yrs old. It got mad at me and decided to quit. Likely a sympathy strike with the people in Hollywood, Ca. Randy is a strike buster, got all up in my Mac's face. Less then 24 hours later, my Mac was begging to come home. My Mac is compliant, respectful, and fast! Seriously, Randy is a good guy. Did what he said he would do. And did it quickly! I never complain when that happens.

Matthew Pennington Avatar Matthew Pennington
May 13, 2023

I found The IT Guys on Thumbtack. I went with Randy because of a few reasons: 1. He had his pic up on his profile (I got a sense of who would be coming inside my home. 2. He has a 4.9 star rating. I read the review from other customers and saw the excellent work Randy did for other people. Randy and his partner were able to recover my lost data from my external hard drive that I thought was lost permanently. Randy had excellent communication and kept me up to date on the process. Randy's partner, Sean even provided me with contact info for another company that can help me with some alt work I am needing done. I will definitely refer Randy to friends and family and keep their contact info handy for future needs. Thank you both!

Merlin Taylor Avatar Merlin Taylor
March 13, 2024