When your computer appears to be normal at times and at other times not.

The IT Guys, just recently had a customer. She was having issues with her PC not charging anymore. We ended up ordering a brand-new battery and throwing it in for her. When we were done installing the battery, to our surprise the computer wouldn’t turn on anymore.

We were playing around with the motherboard for a while. Nothing that we did made any difference, if the laptop would turn itself back on.

We took the model number, of the laptop and ordered a replacement motherboard. After the motherboard arrived, we scheduled another appointment to install the board. We showed up and the customer stated, you are not going to believe this, it was working.

We asked if she wanted to try the other motherboard and she wanted to proceed. After removing the older motherboard. We discovered a very small piece of corrosion, on the back side of the motherboard. That was the issue the whole, time and was causing all the issues.

The customer would have chased that issue, for a while. If we would have ever swapped out the motherboard. Weird things can happen to motherboards, at the weirdest times.