More gaming PCs need, almost need yearly mataintance to maintain temps

When you purchase gaming PCs, these days. More and more items in the computers can clog with dust. This dust can cause temps to go up, fans to die and other components to fail.

It is true and disgusting, that we humans put out dust. As we live in our homes, dead skin cells and dust from the environment accumulate. When we have fans, in our computer that are pulling air in and out of the computer. There is going to be micro-dust, that will fit through the fans and filters.

Think of this dust. Humidity makes it most and then sticks to the computer components inside. This can cause off balance, in the fans and motors to blow out. This can also cause radiators, on AIOs to get clogged up and no longer pull the heat that they used to off. As the computer starts to heat up, over time as these failures happen. The thermal paste, inside of the computer dries out and becomes not as conductive.

Just like cars, these computers are more and more starting to act like our vehicles. Every year, it is recommended that you, take off the side panels off of your computer. Start to blow out the dust and/or clean the components, that are showing clogging.


  • Fans
  • AIO radiator and fans.
  • Motherboard
  • Hard Drives
  • Inside of cable nests

If you start to see build-up, that you cannot remove with air. You can take a cotton swab, and start to clean the component with a small bit of alcohol. Lightly brush the component to clean it off.

The IT Guys can help, clean out your computer and get it back to normal temps. Call us to schedule an appointment and we can help out.