Introducing, the new resident small business UniFi Express

Just recently UniFi launched a bunch of newer products into their ecosystem. One of the ones that caught our attention was the UniFi Express.

This device works like a UniFi Dream Machine, except a much more dumbed-down version of it. It allows for the same functionality, of the UniFi Dream Machine network application. The IT Guys have installed 3 just recently into people’s homes and the majority of their WiFi issues have been resolved. You can also expand the WiFi coverage, in your home with the option to add Access Points in areas needed.

Some of the items listed below, are the options you have with this device.

  • ISP Home Gateway
  • WiFi for Remote Sites
  • Application-Aware Firewall
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Intelligent Failover
  • VLAN Configurations

Build Features

If you are interested in purchasing this device. You can visit the link below and The IT Guys can come help install it in your home.