How adding more 180mm fans to your radiator, can improve and make temps more stable!

Sometimes when you are running, the latest processor that has many cores. Some of the most expensive AIO water coolers can run short, making that temp stable for your CPU. I recently ran the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and noticed the temps were extremely high on a 240mm AIO. After upgrading the AIO to a 360mm, instead of the 240mm. The temps were dipping into the normal, 30c to 40c range.

The temps were down, however at the slightest jump of the CPU. Temps were jumping into the 70c to 80c range. If you are running your AIO vertically, like the photo below. You can get these screws on Amazon, which will allow you to attach more fans to the back of your radiator. The more airflow, that is running through that radiator. The slightly lower temp, the less time it will take to recover. For the radiator to remove that heat from the radiator.

More airflow equals less recovery time to cool the processor. Since making this change, temps dropped nearly 10c. The temps have also remained stable for a longer period.

If your computer is running, hotter than usual. Consider attaching more fans, to the front and/or back of the radiator on your AIO.