Enhance Your Home’s Defense Against Power Surges

FPL’s SurgeShield and Electronics Surge Protection Program Bundle seems to have emerged as a noteworthy contender when shielding our cherished electronic companions from the wrath of power surges. Let’s explore why this program is gaining attention from tech enthusiasts and homeowners alike.

Before we share our thoughts on the SurgeShield and Electronics Surge Protection Program Bundle, we want to emphasize our complete independence from FPL and SurgeShield. The IT Guys are not affiliated with this program and don’t receive any compensation in any capacity for expressing our opinion. We are not service providers for FPL or SurgeShield. Our endorsement is solely based on our experience and expertise.

Power surges are a common occurrence in every household. These brief spikes in voltage, often lasting only millionths of a second, pose a potential threat to indoor appliances due to the varying magnitudes of volts. The SurgeShield program helps shield home appliances from power surges that might travel through the electric meter. Enrolled customers benefit from a $5,000 limited manufacturer’s warranty per covered appliance, per occurrence, covering damages resulting from any failure of the surge protector to perform.

In June 2023, my home experienced a power surge that damaged a computer, thermostat, and router. I had FPL install one of their surge protector directly at our electric meter to help protect our appliances from power the previous summer. I received damage, so why am I endorsing SurgeShield? 

FPL’s surge protector, strategically placed at your electric meter, serves as a first line of defense. It acts like a shield, intercepting and neutralizing power surges before they can wreak havoc inside your home. In our case, this means that the surge protector was on the frontline, absorbing the impact of the power surge and preventing it from causing further damage. The surge protector’s intervention likely minimized the extent of the damage and could have prevented more severe consequences.

The aftermath of a power surge often involves significant financial implications for repairing or replacing damaged electronics. I submitted my claim online and received the replacement cost for all three items. The process was brief and straightforward. The replacement cost of those three items easily covered the annual cost of the SurgeShield protection for two years in this one lightning strike. 

Other Considerations: 

  • SurgeShield is designed to protect appliances against power surges that may enter your home through the¬†electric meter.
    • Power surges can enter your home through various paths, not just the electric meter. Power surges can travel through utility lines, such as cable TV lines, telephone lines, or satellite dish connections.
    • For added protection for your home and sensitive electronic devices, we recommend using plug-in surge suppressors in addition to SurgeShield for a multi-layer approach. 
    • During thunderstorms or when you anticipate power outages, unplug sensitive electronic devices. This includes computers, televisions, and other valuable electronics.
  • While no system can guarantee absolute protection against a direct lightning strike, investing in quality surge protection equipment can reduce the risk of damage from indirect strikes.
    • Indirect strikes can still cause significant damage. 
  • Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand the coverage for damages caused by power surges. While insurance doesn’t prevent surges, it can help with the costs of repairing or replacing damaged items.