Cove Data Protection / BitDefender Package May 2023

Good Morning and Happy May 2023! We are bringing in this month with this incredible deal. We are going to be offering Cove Data Protection and BitDefender in a package for the first time. Due to all the security issues that are going on and people getting malware/hacked. We would rather offer this software for dirt cheap to protect people out there, rather than people just not having anything at all.

Cove offers data protection that has a one-to-one copy of the local disk. If anything were to happen to the disk and/or your data. We can send out the data to your location and/or we can have Cove send out a hard drive to the location. Then you can plug in the drive, then have your PC back to normal.

Cove has UNLIMITED backup protection, whereas Dropbox, OneDrive, and the rest of the companies have a limit.

All of our BitDefender protection is on the latest hardening protection. This protection comes with monitoring as well, so if anything happens we can let you know what is going on.

Package price for this month: $19.99 / Per PC.

BitDefender AntiVirus / Cove Unlimited Data Protection

BitDefender AntiVirus / Cove Unlimited Data Protection


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