New pricing model, flat rates for everyone!

After long thought and kicking the idea around for a few. We are going to be going towards a different pricing model. Flat rate for everything! Due to things at times taking a lot longer than intended. We had huge success with our flat rates for replacing items. We will be moving towards the direction of a flat rate for the full service.

Remote Services Pricing

  • Virus Removal and Operating System / Refresh Repair: $99.99
  • Operating system check/overview Tune-Up: $34.99
  • Software Setup Troubleshooting (Any): $34.99
  • Network Troubleshooting / Setup: $89.99
  • Other Device Setup and Support (Like Printers, tablets, phones): $34.99
  • Basic Data Backup / Transfer: $99.99

In-Office Pricing

  • Data recovery: $199.99
  • Basic Hardware Install: $39.99
  • Operating System Repair / Virus Removal: $99.99

In-Home Service Pricing

  • New computer setup, setting up of peripherals without data transfer from the prior device: $139.99
  • Home Wi-Fi Setup: $139.99

Freebies We Have To Offer

  • Free software patching
  • Free Windows / Linux / MacOS patching.
  • Free Hardware monitoring – We get alerts when your hardware is failing.
  • Free XDR AntiVirus monitoring. Because we believe security, shouldn’t be second hand.
  • Free peace of mind

We provide patching and software monitoring, for free. Because we believe that everyone shouldn’t have to worry about things always being up to date. We do these things to keep you safe and to make sure your computer runs like a well-oiled machine.