Signed deal with BackBlaze for cheaper backup

We have some new and exciting news! The IT Guys has officially joined forces with the company Backblaze. This company has been very well known, for backing up tons and tons of data. They backup over 500,000 companies and known for some of the best backup security protection. They have some wonderful cheap deals going on and they offer UNLIMITED backup. So, bring all the data you want and they will back it up for you. They also have a web portal, that allows you to go and view previous backups from the past.

Stop ransomware and hardware failures that cause you to lose data. Plans start from ONLY $7.00 a month. Now! The difference between Backblaze and Cove Data Protection. Is that Cove Data Protection will do a One-to-One copy of the disk and save it to the cloud for data disaster recovery. This allows us to basically restore your computer back to it’s original state, without any hassle. Backblaze will ONLY backup your files and folders, meaning. You would have to rebuild the computer and then you could restore your files back to the original state. Either way, it’s good to have either one just in case anything happens.