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Home Assistant

Home Assistant


The IT guys, wants to go in a general direction of helping people obtain that smart home. However, just not spending a boat load of money doing it. I have been partnered with a company called “Home Assistant” and if you haven’t heard anything about them. There was a guy that needed to shut off his Philips hue light bulbs, however didn’t have an app to do it on his phone. So he took the liberty of hacking the light bulbs to work in his favor, so he could control them with an application.

This has been a very very slow development project for the past 6 years and they group over 2,100 applications. You can pretty much make an if statement for anything. As soon as you get this system setup. You can just walk away and it just works in the background.

We have one person right now, that is BETA testing this for us, so we can get other home owners this wonderful product that is pretty much free. All On/Off switches are pretty much dirt cheap and not even half the cost of a normal switch. We can even put on/off switches in the walls so you can control older outlets and make them turn on off.

We would be looking towards October 2023 to start slowly rolling these out to peoples homes. If you are interested please email: [email protected]