Windows 11 Personalized Class

Due to everyone, having to move over to Windows 11. It is indeed a huge change and it throws a bunch of people for a loop. This includes me when they first released it. There is a huge learning curve that comes with it and leaves some people not wanting to use their PC’s anymore. As Windows moves to a more conformed and unified platform. We are going to have to work with these little changes that come with it.

We are offering virtual classes and will work with you to make sure Windows 11. Is a more customized and better experience for you and your family.

The class is for $50.00 and since we are doing this virtually, so we can connect with anyone! If you would like, you can click the buy now button and we will get in contact with you and schedule a time. The $50.00 will include 90 minutes of customized time.

Take care, everyone!